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Display a view in a modefull popup.

I want to display a new view in a popup superposing the current view.

It should be "modefull";, i.e. blocking; The user has to close the popup before proceeding.

For example a "yes/no" dialog or a modal to temporary show more information.

Such popup is also often called overlay, modal, alert, dialog, or lightbox.

What are the React modefull overlay libraries out there?

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Notify the user with a little, modeless, and temporary popup.

I want to notify the user that something happend. For that I want to use a little popup (e.g. 300px X 70px) for a short period of time that then automatically closes itself.

Such little popup is also often called toaster or snackbar.

What is the list of all good notification libraries for React?


Display information upon mouse hover.

My website has elements that are not 100% intuitive and they need explanation. I want to show a little popup with the explanatory text next to the element. The little popup should be displayed when the user cursor hovers the element and should disappear when the cursor moves out of the element.

What React tooltips libraries are there?