Display a list of actions upon right-click.

When you right-click on a file in a desktop interface a little popup is shown with possible actions to take, like deleting the file, renaming the file, etc. I want this for my React app.

What react context menu libraries are there?


Make sure that an element is always visible.

The W3C added a specification for `position: sticky` which is great but not implemented in all browsers yet.

The library doesn't need to be a polyfill and doesn't need to comply to the spec. I just want to make sure that an element is always visible. And I don't want to use `position: fixed` because the element should scroll along the rest of the content and should "detach" itself when needs be. Basically the element should switch between "position: static" and "position: fixed". See the W3C `position: sticky` for more information.

Are there libraries that help make a React element sticky?


Hide header when scrolling down and show it again when scrolling up.

To save vertical space, many mobile apps implement a header that disappears when the user scrolls down and appears again when the user scrolls up. Chrome for mobile does that for example.


Scroll to different sections.

I have a page with many sections. I want to display a menu listing all these sections. When the user clicks on a section in the menu then the page should scroll to the corresponding section.