Show several views simultaneously in panes.

We are building an admin interface; We have different views and all the views should be visible at the same time on the user's screen.

It's not necessary but it could be interesting to allow the user to customize the layout. For example: resize views, re-arrenge views, remove/add views etc.


Pinterest-like layout of stacking elements bellow each other in columns.

I like pinterest's approach of showing elements of different heights by stacking them on each other into columns. Such layout is called masonry layout.

What masonry libraries for React are there?


Allow user to adjust the width/height of a view.

For example, I have an application with a sidebar and I want the user to be able to increase/decrease the width of the sidebar by dragging the right border of the sidebar to the right/left.

Are there libraries that implement such resizer/splitter border?