Display a huge list of entries but only render entries that are visible.

I have a large list of several thousands of entries that I want to show to the user.

I want to dispaly the entire list without pagination. But rendering all thousands of entries is performance-wise unpractical.

Instead of rendering all entries at once, the entries should be rendered only when they become visible as the user scrolls up and down the list. This technique is called "virtualization" or "lazy load".

What React libraries are there to achieve that?


Display a list and add entries to it as the user scrolls down.

I have a list with a large number of entries. All entries can't be loaded and shown at once because there are too many of them. Instead of using pagination I want entries to be loaded and added to the list when the user reaches the end of the list when scrolling down the list. That way the user can view the entire list just by scrolling down. This technique is called "Infinite Scroll".

What React libraries are there to help me implement infinite scroll view?