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React{ions} is a suite of React components that implement Ambassador's Design and UX patterns. They are designed to be re-usable and composable across large-scale web applications.

Check out our documentation site for live examples.


Ambassador's React{ions} is available as an npm package.

$ npm install react-ions


React{ions} currently requires React 15.1+.

We use CSS Modules by default to import stylesheets written in SASS. In case you want to import the components already bundled with CSS, your module bundler should be able to require these SASS modules.

Example Webpack App

Here is an example Rect{ions} Webpack app to get you started.

Basic Usage

In this minimal example, we import a Button with styles already bundled:

import React from 'react'
import Button from 'react-ions/lib/Button'

<Button>I am a Button</Button>

Live examples and more info documentation site.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license

Icon License

This project uses Streamline Icons. If you use React{ions} in your project please adhere to the Streamline Icons license agreement.